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MediaMarketing43 is an international Company based in Bologna, Italy, focused on Export, Consultancy, Marketing and trading.

We are focused on the Chinese market for Furniture, Furnishing and Luxury personal products from Italy.

Upon request of our Chinese Customers we export the very first line of Luxury products from Italy, France, UK, US: apparel, accessories, shoes, watches, jewels, cosmetics, etc. Both stocks and Current Collections.

We also work on behalf of Italian Companies looking for distribution channel but even more scouting new products in Italy for our Chinese customers.

We have a deep knowledge of the Italian production framework in these industries and we put it at disposal of our Chinese customers. We find what they are looking for, we are not pushing products represented by us. We are independent and suggest for the best of our customers.

We also organize the Italian Area in some Fair and Events, which in our vision are  a moment of a wider communication project aimed to build sound business relations for our Customers.

Recently in the Furniture and Furnishing market we have devised for our Chinese Customers the concept “Made in Italy Easy” which means that we can submit a huge selection of styles and prices,and take Showrooms and Architects to buy directly in the factories in Italy.

This is a strong trend in China, and we want to support it not only with big savings but also with full logistic assistance, be our customer be interested in big Brands or new Brands

In the Luxury market we we have developed the Concept “43Selected” which enables small top quality Italian companies to enter the Chinese market within a wider offer much more appreciated by Buyers

So from unique products made by excellent Artisans to the very best of Big Brands we can provide to our Chinese Customers the full range of the western Luxury Experience
Our knowledge of the Italian Luxury industry is at your disposal to find out what you are looking for.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire about our services and for business opportunities.

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T: +86 13671049614

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